Cybersecurity Assessment & Testing Services

ProtectedBy.AI's consultative services provide a framework for architecting, constructing,
and maintaining a secure business with policy and performance alignment.

Cyber Risk Analysis

Our Cyber Risk Analysis will give you a professional assessment of the general health of your security program. ProtectedBy.AI's complimentary Cyber Risk Analysis will show you the value a Cyber Risk Assessment could provide. Our targeted questionnaire based on the NIST CSF Framework will allow our risk experts to evaluate key indicators of your security program and give you a broad look at where your organization stands.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Our Cyber Risk Assessment is a required step when determining the needs or success of your security program. Following NIST guidelines our risk experts perform interviews, documentation analysis, and walkthrough of physical areas to determine the state of the security program of the client. Our Cyber Risk Assessment is a useful tool at any phase of implementing a security program.

Gap Analysis

Our Gap Analysis is critical when you are in need of identifying any deficiencies between your security program and a specific regulation or framework. Our experts will identify the minimum necessary adjustments your company must make in order to comply with said regulation. However, unlike most we will not stop at the minimum required, but also suggest changes that, while bringing your company within compliance, will also encourage a more secure environment. Our goal is not only to simply meet a specific checklist, but to enhance your security along the way.

Penetration (Pen) Testing

Our Penetration (Pen) Testing are necessary for organizations that have a compliance need, or that have a concern of a specified system, or are within the monitoring phase of an overarching security program. With ProtectedBy.AI's Penetration (Pen) Testing, a professional hacker attempts to exploit a technical vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to specified systems.

Security Operations Center

A Virtual Security Operations Center that provides a turnkey state-of-the-art 24/7 monitoring solution to meet all your cybersecurity needs – for a fraction of the cost of even entry-level IT team members (let alone the salaries and expenses that come with maintaining a team of crack cybersecurity experts in-house as employees on your payroll).

Managed SIEM with 24/7 Security Monitoring & Analysis

Our Managed SIEM service offers continuous cyber threat detection and response. Our dedicated security professionals analyze alerts in real-time and provide remediation.

Managed Detection & Remediation

Prevent Malware from Executing with Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR). As an extension of your team, our experts will investigate, triage, and remediate security events and provide executive-level reporting.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

Truly understand your cyber exposure. Our vulnerability management service utilizes Next-Gen technology to discover vulnerabilities in your endpoints, and additionally will ensure proper patch compliance.

ReAbled Veterans

An on-site or virtual team of Honorably Discharged Disabled Veterans of the U.S. Military who we train with the cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to serve and protect your organization.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Cybersecurity talent around the world has reached the highest level of demand ever. Our Virtual CISO program allows for you to reduce cash flow by using our top tier talent for a fraction of the cost and time. Our team of experts will work with your leadership team to advance your strategy while protecting your assets.